4 Ideas for Fall Family Photo Outfits

If you are looking for inspiration for Fall family photo outfits, I’m glad you’re here! I’m Kristie Lloyd, a Nashville portrait photographer, and I love helping style my clients. These style boards can be so helpful. Below each board is a link to the items featured.

Tips for choosing Fall outfits for your family photos

Your outfits can make or break your photos. The wrong fitting dress, an unflattering color, or clashing family members will distract from the focal point, which should be the love and connection within your family. I always encourage clients to consider more neutral pieces over dark or loud colors as they photograph so much more beautifully with the film tones I use in editing.

With that in mind, here are my tips for choosing your Fall family photo outfits:

Style board for Fall family photo outfits with blues and tans

Tweed Dress

Girl’s Dress | Headband

Boy’s Outfit

Man’s Outfit

Choose timeless, classic pieces

Trends are just that…trends. They fade. Choosing timeless, classic pieces will ensure you’ll be proud to hang your photos on the wall for all the years to come. So when planning your Fall family photo outfits, don’t fall into the trap of trendy fads. Stick to the classics!

Style board for Fall family photo outfits with white and neutrals

Woman’s Dress

Girl’s bodysuit | Suspender Dress

White Overalls | Baby shoes

Man’s Button Down

A little color goes a long way

One or two pieces with your main color is plenty when planning Fall family photo outfits. Then choose complimenting neutrals like white, ivory, gray, beige, etc. Patterns like plaid or floral can create lovely visual interest, but along the same lines, a little goes a long way. Pick one or two patterns if desired, then work in complimenting solids.

Style board for Fall family photo outfits with orange and green

Women’s Dress


Dress + Bloomers | Mary Janes

Man’s sweater | Gingham Dress shirt


Accessories like bows, bonnets, knee socks, earrings, headbands and the like can really elevate an image. Adding layers accomplishes this as well! A cardigan or blazer are both examples of timeless pieces to consider.

Style board for Fall family photo outfits with blue and reds

Women’s Skirt | Blouse

Girls Dress | Shoes

Boy’s Suspender Short | Shirt

Man’s Ivory Sweater | Plaid Shirt

Shoes Matter

A small detail that holds a big punch are shoes! These are often the last thing clients consider when shopping for Fall family photo outfits, but please don’t neglect shoes. They don’t have to be fancy, but don’t choose athletic sneakers or a clashing style of shoe. Now, I know shoes aren’t what we’re focusing on. However, when you choose shoes that don’t “go”, they actually become an unwanted focal point, if even subconsciously. It’s like your brain notices that something isn’t quite right. So make sure all shoes compliment your family’s outfits.

Fall family photo of 4 with young children


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July 10, 2023

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