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Perfect for heirloom portrait photographers who want a consistent and refined vignette. No more painting it on manually or limiting yourself to the vignette sliders in Lightroom.


Share these on your website, social media, and other marketing materials to increase the appeal of your artwork, engage potential clients, and ultimately boost your sales!


Natural skin tones, crips whites, filmy softness - the preset I've used and perfected for every single image over the last few years. 


"The Art of Heirloom Portraiture explained in detail how to create desired heirloom portraits from start to finish! It's worth every penny and more!"

Sabrina Reagan Photography

“Kristie has a gift for taking what is a complex and confusing topic for many and breaking it down in a way that makes sense.

During the two weeks I've actively had ads running, I increased my email list by 135%, had 73 leads from my ads, and booked 4 new clients!"

Tiffany Bradley Photography

- Kate Morrison Photography

"Kristie's guidance and mentoring was everything I needed to have the confidence to make the next step in elevating my business. Highly recommend if you're looking for guidance or help in either specialty heirloom sessions or business in general."

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I started my photography business in 2013, when it was even harder to find affordable, quality education and resources. I was completely self taught when I jumped in and many tears, trial, and errors later - I'm now on the flip side of running a successful,
6-figure photography business.

As a believer in the saying "a rising tide lifts all boats", it is a joy to be part of the tide!

I'm KRISTIE. PHOTOGRAPHER AND MENTOR WITH A LOVE FOR sharing, teaching, and encouraging other photographers. 

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