Professional 6 Month Photoshoot

From their first smile to their first steps, momma, I know how much you cherish each milestone. The 6 month milestone is probably my absolute favorite! Their personality begins to shine around this time and booking their 6 month photoshoot with a professional (like myself, wink wink) ensures you have lasting memories for years to come.

Collage of a baby boy for his 6 month photoshoot with Kristie Lloyd Photography in her studio in Franklin, TN
Hair and Make-Up by the talented Morgan Ebright of Willow Beauty Collective

Choosing the Right Photographer for your 6 month photoshoot

When it comes to capturing your baby at six months old, selecting the right photographer is crucial. Look for someone who specializes in newborn and baby photography, as they will have the expertise to safely handle and engage with your little one. You shouldn’t be the one who must come up with your own 6 month baby photoshoot ideas. Research their portfolio, read reviews, and schedule a consultation to discuss your hopes for their 6 month photoshoot. This will ensure that you find a professional photographer who can beautifully photograph this sweet milestone.

Preparing for the Photoshoot

Preparation is key to a successful baby’s 6 month photoshoot. Start by selecting a location that reflects your desired aesthetic, whether it’s a professional studio, an outdoor setting, or the comfort of your own home. Consider props, outfits, and themes that resonate with your baby’s personality or interests. Make sure your baby is well-rested and fed before the session to ensure they are content throughout. If you are breastfeeding and need to take a break during the shoot to nurse, any professional photographer should be willing to accommodate this. In fact, I always offer to create some tasteful breastfeeding photos during a session. These photos are often some of mom’s favorites!

Including Family and Personal Touches

Your baby’s 6 month photoshoot is an excellent opportunity to include family members and add personal touches that make the experience even more special. Siblings, parents, or even beloved pets can join in the session, creating cherished family portraits. Personalize the photoshoot by incorporating sentimental items like a family heirloom or a favorite blanket. These elements will add depth and meaning to the photographs, making them truly unique.

Searching for a Professional Photographer?

If you are searching for a professional photographer in the Nashville area to create a timeless and beautiful 6 month photoshoot for you, I would love to chat more. My studio is conveniently located next to the Williamson County Library in Franklin, TN. A minimalistic, all white space offers the perfect backdrop to create the perfect session. The most popular option for my clients is the luxury First Year Membership. Ensuring you have timeless images and heirloom artwork to preserve this fleeting first year.

A mom holds a rattle to show her baby sitting in a basket at Kristie Lloyd's studio for his 6 month photoshoot


Kristie is an experienced Nashville Baby Photographer. Her work has been featured in places like Nashville Baby Guide, YOUR Williamson, The Kindred Path, and Maury County Living. Plus multiple other local online and print media sources.

Her clients enjoy a luxury portrait experience from start to finish, which includes Kristie’s assistance in planning every detail. Clients are drawn to her use of natural light, bright and natural editing style, and her unmatched attention to detail. If you would like to learn more about the KLP experience, let’s chat more!

To ensure a true luxury and full service experience for clients, KLP only books a limited number of sessions each month. We are currently booking into Late Fall 2023 and we would love to get you on the calendar!

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June 29, 2023

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Since 2013, Kristie is a Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin published photographer who specializes in motherhood, newborn, and family photography.