When to Book Newborn Photos

As an experienced newborn photographer serving Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and surrounding areas, I always encourage my clients to book newborn photos early! I only take 4 due dates per month, to ensure I have room in my calendar and that my clients enjoy a truly stress free, luxury experience. Therefore, it is best to book your newborn session with me no later than your second trimester.

Why book newborn photos early?

Aside from the obvious reason of marking it off your to do list, there are many reasons to book your newborn photos early.

  • I absolutely love serving my clients with a high-touch, stress free experience and that requires a little extra time. When you book, we’ll start planning wardrobe for your whole family. Moms enjoy the option of borrowing a dress from my Client Wardrobe and then I “do the shopping” for everyone else. I’ll send you links to shop my suggestions, removing one of the biggest stressors of planning your photos!
  • My clients also enjoy professional hair and make-up on the day of the newborn session, so booking early helps me ensure I have the best HMUA available during your birth month.

How old should my baby be to book newborn photos?

While you will want to book newborn photos in that second trimester, we won’t actually schedule the session until baby arrives. Since we all know some babies come early, some come late. So, once your baby is born, we’ll find a date on the calendar typically within first 2-3 weeks after birth.

With that said, it’s also absolutely ok to push the newborn session out a bit further. Anything younger 8 weeks I still consider a “newborn” in terms of your photo session. So there’s no rush if you need some extra time to recover or adjust (or maybe you actually did wait a little late too book newborn photos ?). I follow a parent and baby led approach to posing, so there’s no need for baby to be completely asleep (you won’t find any froggy poses or crazy composites here!)

Luxury First Year Membership

A vast majority of my newborn clients opt to join my First Year Membership. This gives you the option of 3-5 sessions over your baby’s first year of life. This often looks like maternity session, newborn session, sitter session, first birthday session + an optional seasonal family session. It is by far the best way to ensure you have beautiful, tangible memories of this first year forever. Most of my first year members also choose to build a first year heirloom album – using images from each session to build a stunning, custom album.

As a side note, I’m participating in a blog circle this month. Follow the link at the end of the post to check out another wonderful in-home newborn photographer.

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Kristie is an experienced Nashville Newborn Photographer + Maternity and Family Photographer. Her work has been featured in places like Nashville Baby Guide, The Kindred PathMaury County Living, and multiple other local online and print media sources.

Her clients enjoy a luxury portrait experience from start to finish, which includes Kristie’s assistance in planning every detail. Clients are drawn to her use of natural light, bright and natural editing style, and her unmatched attention to detail. If you would like to learn more about the KLP experience, let’s chat more!

To ensure a true luxury and full service experience for clients, KLP only books a limited number of sessions each month. We are currently booking into Spring 2023 and we would love to get you on the calendar!


January 29, 2023

  1. Gillian says:

    Wow, these photos are so beautiful. I love all the great tips in this post, so helpful when booking in a session!

  2. It’s so important to book newborn photos early because you never know when birth will come! I love these tips.

  3. I love how there’s no pressure to do a newborn photo session at home in the first few days. I know that time can be stressful, so adding photos can sometimes be too much! But knowing you have up to 8 weeks is comforting!

  4. Christina says:

    These are beautiful photos and such great advice! The newborn days can be so overwhelming, it’s so important to book newborn photos early!

  5. Such great advice and makes me as a client feel confident in knowing that you have taken care of all the details.

  6. Ashlie says:

    Great advice! Thanks for sharing all of this valuable information. It does seem smart to check this off your list as soon as possible to make sure you have availability!

  7. Lovely images! Booking well in advance is such an important tip. So many times good photographers will be booked up months and months in adavance!

  8. Charis says:

    That dog is a gem! those final images are precious…and such good tips about thinking through when to book a newborn photographer. Booking a milestone package is such an easy way to just take off a bunch of decisions and make sure that first year is remembered!

  9. Jack lloyd says:

    Yo its me jack your son im at school right now!

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