3 Tips for Lifestyle Newborn Photographers

Lifestyle newborn sessions are my favorite way to capture those first sweet memories for families. These are done in the comfort of a client’s home and can be so beautiful and intimate. For lifestyle newborn photographers, however, they sure can be tricky to learn. I’ve put together my top 3 tips to help you get started!

Nashville newborn photographer Kristie Lloyd smiles holding her camera at Blanc Studio West


In-home lighting and the overall environment requires true, professional gear if you want professional results. A full frame camera and quality lens capable of handling low-light and tight spaces is absolutely a must! An aperture of at least 1.8 is a non-negotiable in my bag. Personally, I always bring my Nikon D850, NikonZ6ii, 24-70mm f2.8, and 35mm f1.8 to every lifestyle newborn session.

Client Preparation

Preparation is key! As lifestyle newborn photographers, educate your client ahead of time on how to prepare their home, themselves, and their baby (and any siblings). This will save you time at your session and it will manage your client expectations for the session. As the hired professional, they NEED you to provide direct communication and instructions. So, consider this your permission to be bossy! You can grab the exact guide I send to my clients HERE.


Go to the light! What if the light is limited, you ask? Then, you need to know how to maximize it! How? These are your options.

1. Open all the blinds

2. Move to a different room or part of the house

3. Move your angle

4. Use a reflector

5. Use flash

There are multiple ways to maximize your light, so just be prepared for the challenges of in-home lighting. Practice in your own home! Pull in your own kids, pets, or partner!

Want to dive deeper?

Are you tired of the “fake til you make it approach”? Inside of my signature coaching program, Light & Luxury, I teach photographers how to elevate their in-home newborn sessions and start attracting their dream clients. You’ll get my exact blueprint for creating magazine worthy lifestyle newborn sessions!

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Kristie is an experienced Nashville Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photographer. Her work has been featured in places like Nashville Baby Guide, The Kindred Path, and Maury County Living. Plus multiple other local online and print media sources.

Her clients enjoy a luxury portrait experience from start to finish, which includes Kristie’s assistance in planning every detail. Clients are drawn to her use of natural light, bright and natural editing style, and her unmatched attention to detail. If you would like to learn more about the KLP experience, let’s chat more!

To ensure a true luxury and full service experience for clients, KLP only books a limited number of sessions each month. We are currently booking into Spring 2023 and we would love to get you on the calendar!


January 5, 2023

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Since 2013, Kristie is a Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin published photographer who specializes in motherhood, newborn, and family photography.