The Best OBGYN in Franklin TN

The Best OBGYN in Franklin TN

Searching for the best OBGYN in Franklin TN? One of the earliest and most important decisions that new parents face after seeing those two pink lines is what doctor to partner with for prenatal care and to deliver their baby. Most often, new moms turn to their friends and family for OBGYN recommendations. With so many new families moving to the Nashville and Franklin area, though, maybe you haven’t connected with other moms yet and the Google reviews aren’t quite sufficient to leave you feeling confident in your choice.

I think it’s safe to say most expectant moms want an OB that can not only safely deliver their baby, but also someone who is a good fit with their own personality and will listen to their questions, concerns, and desires for childbirth without fear of judgement. After all, you’ll spend at least once a month, then once a week by third trimester seeing this person. Like them or not, they’ll be by your side during the most vulnerable experience of your life. My goal in writing this post is to help you find an OB that you do, in fact, like.

So what do I know about choosing the best OBGYN in Franklin TN to deliver your baby in Williamson County? Well, in addition to running a maternity and newborn photography business, I also spent 8 years working part-time as a labor and delivery nurse and childbirth educator at Williamson Medical Center. I’ve worked side by side with the greatest OB’s in Franklin, TN helping deliver beautiful miracles for almost a decade. These OB’s are not only co-workers and colleagues, but I also consider them friends. I’ve gotten to know their preferences, their quirks, and their personalities at the bedside.

The Hospital: Williamson Medical Center

If you live near Franklin or Nashville, you might be hoping to deliver your baby at Williamson Medical Center. It’s important to know that (at the time of writing this post) there are only 2 OBGYN practices that actually deliver babies at WMC: The Women’s Group of Franklin – and – The Vanderbilt Franklin Women’s Center. So while there are more OBGYN offices located in Franklin, ONLY those two groups have privileges at WMC. So if you’re looking for the Best OBGYN in Franklin TN …keep reading!

Let me say this first and foremost: I would without a doubt, wholeheartedly, and confidently trust any single one of these OBGYN’s to safely deliver my own babies. In fact, Dr. Montville with Women’s Group of Franklin DID deliver my last baby (via c-section due to breach presentation) at Williamson Medical Center. It was simply the best birth experience I have ever had (of all 3) and no doubt, that was thanks to my doctor and the wonderful nursing staff at WMC.

A mother sees her newborn baby through a cesarean section clear drape after being delivered by the best OBGYN in Franklin TN

Quick disclaimer: any opinions stated here are my own and what I know to be characteristic of these incredible doctors. They are all phenomenal in their skills and knowledge, but obviously different in personality and character traits. These descriptions are also brief and there’s no way to include every single facet of what makes them who they are or how well they serve their patients. And I hope this post helps you feel confident in choosing ANY of these women for your care. Hands down, the best OBGYN in Franklin TN are any of these amazing docs!

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the docs at The Women’s Group of Franklin and The Vanderbilt Franklin Women’s Center! In no preferential order, I tried to list by how long they’ve been at their respective clinics, but I cannot guarantee accuracy on that. I hope these help you choose the best OBGYN in Franklin TN for you!

The Women’s Group of Franklin

Lynn Ellington, M.D.

Dr. Ellington is the founding partner at this practice which says so much about her in and of itself. She’s fierce about taking care of her patients well and always thinking 3 steps ahead. I think the patients that choose and stay with her over the years appreciate her direct communication: she’s not one to sugar coat things and she isn’t afraid to answer your questions -even the hard ones- honestly, completely, and compassionately. Her decades of experience and wisdom are evident in her patient care.

Heather Rupe, D.O.

OBGYN and newly appointed Chief of Staff at Williamson Medical Center, Dr. Rupe gives 110% to basically everything she takes on (I mean…she’s written several books and even ran the Boston Marathon!) I think patients are drawn to her gentle nature and empathetic spirit. She listens intently and wholeheartedly advocates for her patient’s desires for their brith experience. It’s also worth noting that Dr. Rupe repairs c-section incisions like nobody I’ve ever seen – the straightest and most pencil line thin scar, truly like a work of art.

Rebecca Eia, D.O.

Dr. Eia is always for you! Not that all doctors aren’t, but there’s something about her that just makes you feel seen and supported. She’s so great at listening to her patients and at explaining things in easy to understand terms. When I say she is your cheerleader – I’m not exaggerating. I always love being in a delivery room with Dr. Eia, because she is cheering and counting more excitedly than even the nurses. She can motivate even the most exhausted mamas to push that baby out!

Michelle Montville, M.D.

Dr. Montville, as I mentioned above, actually delivered my last baby. She is laid back, easy to talk to, and so compassionate. I think that’s what her patients enjoy about her – and it comes as no surprise that she loves yoga. She emits such a peaceful energy (which is obviously incredibly welcome and appreciated in a delivery room.) She’s also a wizard in the operating room – using a clear drape and a relatively new device (the Alexis: I highly recommend asking your doctor about it) in place of metal retractors – my c-section by her was the most enjoyable and the least painful of all my delivery experiences.

Laura Andreson, D.O.

Dr. Andreson joined their practice a few years ago and was so easy to welcome to the “l&d team”. She is passionate about women’s rights and patient advocacy. She’s one that has the rare gift of making you feel like the most important person in the room when you’re talking to her. There is a sense of calm and confidence that she brings into any situation. Paired with her vast knowledge of women’s health, I think patients have no doubt they can completely trust her with the health and safety of themselves and their baby.

Stephanie Dallas, M.D.

Newest in their practice, Dr. Dallas has been such a great asset. Her warm personality and listening ear help patients feel at ease in her presence. She is incredibly patient during her patient’s labor. Vanderbilt trained, Dr. Dallas is always fresh on current guidelines and willing to explain things in ways you can easily understand. I think Dr. Dallas’s patients appreciate how she truly takes her time with them, never making them feel rushed or unimportant. That and she’s just so dang nice.

The Vanderbilt Franklin Women’s Center

Trinka Dykes, M.D.

Dr. Dykes might just be the most interesting personality of any OB I’ve known – in a good way of course. She is meticulous and methodical about everything she does and is very detail oriented – which is wonderful for her patients. I think her patients are drawn to her for this attention to detail and for her no non-sense style. More consistent than anything about Dr. Dykes, though, is she devotedly takes care of her people. And not just her patients – every weekend that she is on call, she buys lunch for the whole staff – both day shift and night shift – and she has done this for years!

Jacqueline Stafford M.D.

Dr. Stafford is another one that has the rare gift of making you feel like the most important person in the room. There is a gentleness and kindness that she exudes everywhere she goes. She might be the softest spoken OB in the group, but she’s tack sharp in her skills and knowledge of women’s health. Even in emergency situations, I’ve never seen her rattled. She also has the patience of a saint!

Cynthia Woodall, M.D.

Dr. Woodall was actually the very first OB I met when I began working at WMC. Towards the end of that first shift, I’ll never forget her saying to me, “I think you’re going to fit in great here with us”. Her affirming words were so welcome to my nervous, new nurse heart and I’ve seen that same affirming side of her with her patient interactions. She exudes warmth and compassion – the kind of doctor that doesn’t think twice to hold your hand or wipe your tears. It’s no wonder she has patients who still keep coming to her after decades.

Allison Mullaly, M.D.

Dr. Mullaly is a practice what she preaches kind of doctor. I love that about her! Conversations with her always feel like you’re just chatting with your best friend and leaves you feeling inspired to be a better you. I think her patients appreciate her down to earth personality and her “get it done” approach to investigating/solving problems. Most who know her know she’s passionate about clean/healthy living through whole food nutrition and exercise.

Nancy Osburn, M.D.

Dr. Osburn is our chief of OB at the hospital and she’s so well suited for that role. She knows how to take charge when needed, but never comes across as pushy. She listens wells to her patients and truly feels like a “safe” person. With Dr. O, there’s no pretense. She makes you feel completely on the same playing field (even though she’s a doctor and insanely intelligent) and I think that’s a huge reason why her patients love her.

Mallory Fox, M.D.

Dr. Fox is the newest to the FWC group and couldn’t have been a better addition to their team. I’ve often thought she reminds me a lot of Dr. Stafford – brilliant, kind, and warm. I think her patients appreciate how easily they can voice their questions and concerns without fear of judgement. There’s never a sense of rush with Dr. Fox (aside from when emergencies call for it) – which is another thing I think her patients really love, especially during labor.

New mother holds her infant skin to skin in a hospital bed
Newborn baby sleeps in a hospital crib

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Best OBGYN in Franklin TN


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