Stop fumbling your way through in-home newborn sessions and start building an elevated portfolio AND luxury brand that books 4 figure newborn sessions on repeat!

No more winging it and hoping for the best. It’s time to elevate your images, your brand, and your prices!



If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you’re more than capable of creating magazine-worthy newborn photos that attract your dream, luxury clients.

But if you’re still trying all the DIY methods and aren’t happy with your results then keep reading because the Light & Luxury program was created for you! 

I know you’d love nothing more than to create the kind of jaw-dropping lifestyle newborn photos you see across Pinterest to start attracting your dream clients.

You’ve already poured so much time and energy into different strategies like:

✔ Watched all the free Youtube videos
✔ Scoured Pinterest hoping you’ll find inspiration and tips
✔ Spent hours scrolling Instagram wondering how “all” these other amazing photographers consistently create such bright and beautiful newborn photos in client homes. 

The problem is, those tactics haven’t worked because a piecemeal approach is NOT a strategy! 

And while I can’t automatically improve your in-home newborn sessions and attract dream clients FOR you, I can share my exact blueprint for nailing in-home newborn sessions every.single.time. 

Imagine your business when you…
✔ Master how to use light, even within dimly lit homes 
✔ Have a repeatable workflow to achieve natural and emotive posing
✔ Can justify RAISING YOUR PRICES because your work is magazine worthy
✔ Have dream clients AND 4 figure portrait sales on repeat

I need this!

Think about how good it would feel to never leave another newborn session feeling like a fake again!

No more…

✔ Dreading how your in-home newborn sessions will play out
✔ Panic when your arrive and the light sucks
✔ Stiff, unnatural, or sloppy posing
✔ Dragging a whole studio set up to client homes (no bean bag necessary)
✔ 3+ hour newborn sessions
✔ Imposter syndrome 

Instead, you’ll create magazine worthy photos that attracts your dream newborn clients, allowing you to elevate your brand and raise your prices.

Building a lifestyle newborn photography business that allows you to book only your dream, luxury clients has been lingering over you for SO long, but taking action feels so hard especially when you’ve already tried so many things that just haven’t given you the results you’re looking for.

But that’s about to change.

(Yes, even if you feel like you’ve already tried everything)

Luxury, lifestyle newborn sessions just became a whole lot easier....

  Allow me to introduce…


The 6 month coaching program that teaches you my exact blueprint to create dreamy, lifestyle newborn sessions and build a luxury business that consistently books 4 figure portrait clients.

This coaching program contains only the information you need to elevate your lifestyle newborn photography brand and nothing you don’t. I stripped down the process and pulled out the pivotal pieces that have transformed my business over the years and allowed me to go from “I hate in-home newborn sessions” to in-home newborn sessions are the bread and butter of my business. 

Inside, you will learn exactly how to and photograph lifestyle newborn sessions- without a studio- to achieve consistently bright, elegant, emotive images AND transition to a luxury business model through a 7 module course, video trainings, and bi-weekly group coaching calls.  

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"Omg there is so much I could say!!! First of all, Kristie has been SO attentive to all of us throughout our time. She truly cares and puts a lot of time to make sure her students get the most benefit from her course and overall support. The program has helped me in so many ways. It has shown me ways to elevate my brand, how to use light, marketing techniques, and so much more! It has also taught me about mindset and how to shift certain things that may have been holding me back. This course is amazing, but more importantly Kristie is amazing and she will be your biggest cheerleader!" - CC

Let’s break it down

Here's what’s waiting for you inside
Light & Luxury

 7 online modules 

In these bite-sized modules, I’m giving you the exact steps to enter a client’s home with confidence, build an elevated portfolio AND a business that attracts luxury clients who spend 4 figures on portraits.

Video trainings of 2 live in-home sessions

Watch me photograph 2 full in-home newborn sessions as I apply all the concepts taught in the modules. Both families photographed have toddlers + older siblings, often one of the biggest challenges for photographers. 

client email and pricing guide templates

You'll get professionally written email templates that I use everyday for excellent client communication. From new inquiry responses, booking confirmation, session reminders, and follow-up ... no more wondering what to say at any step in your client journey!

Plus, you'll also get my welcome and pricing guide template. Easily drop in your own photos and pricing details, the professionally written copy is yours to use!

Biweekly Group Coaching Calls

Live conversations, all your questions answered, and me personally coaching you as you build your luxury business!

Plus, these epic bonuses! 

When you enroll now, you’ll get exclusive access to:


My Lightroom base preset

The exact preset I use on every single image- plus I’ll be teaching you how to use it. There is no magic one size fits all with presets. You'll learn the process from start to finish. 



When you enroll, you'll be added to our private online community for daily support. All your questions answered in between coaching calls.

Ready to elevate your lifestyle newborn photos from “good” to “stunning”?

Here's what's inside the program:

7 online modules (lifetime Access)
Bi-weekly group coaching calls
Lighting & Editing secrets 
A proven system to 4 figure portrait sessions
Video Trainings of REAL in-home sessions
Done for you email and pricing guide templates
2 Bonuses

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How good does all of this sound?

✔ Magazine worthy imagery that attracts luxury clients
✔ A an elevated brand that keeps clients coming back
✔ Clients who are IN LOVE with their photos and want to refer all their friends
✔ Troubleshooting skills to handle any in-home lighting scenario
✔ Confidence to raise your prices for real, sustainable profitability 

This is the life-changing magic that’s waiting for you.

When you implement everything inside Light & Luxury, you’re going to walk away with massive results like:

Let’s take you from fumbling your way through newborn sessions to        slaying them every time !

Scrolling Pinterest is a great way to stay stuck in the comparison game, but when you want to see real growth in your skills as a lifestyle newborn photographer, you need more of an advanced strategy. 

So, you can either:

Keep chugging along hoping to fake it til you make it….

You can get a little uncomfortable and push past  imposter syndrome to become the in-demand, luxury newborn photographer you’ve been dreaming of.


The fact of the matter is it comes down to you deciding.

Taking advantage of this will open up a new world of possibilities.

Confidently lead your in-home newborn sessions with skill and efficiency, to consistently create bright, beautifully crafted images.

hi, i’m kristie

For too many years, I approached newborn sessions with a fake til you make it mentality. Sessions would take sometimes 3-4 hours, I felt flustered and scattered if baby wouldn’t sleep, and dimly lit homes were my worst enemy. My portfolio was lackluster at best and my brand was non-existent.

With almost a decade of experience now, I’ve curated my own system to ensure I’m in control of whatever an in-home session throws at me. I've built a consistent, elevate portfolio of stunning newborn photos and curated a luxury brand that consistently books $1500+ portrait sessions. 

From gear, to preparation, to lighting & posing, to editing - my system allows me to consistently produce magazine worthy images for my luxury clients. And I’m excited to share this system with you!

You’ve already poured so much time and energy into different strategies like:
✔ Scouring Pinterest for inspiration
✔ Downloading #allthefreebies that promise results 
✔ Watching all the YouTube video tutorials  

Here’s what you might not know, those tactics haven’t worked because you need a real, live person to teach you a strategy that can be implemented over and over in your sessions.

I’ve been a lifestyle newborn photographer for over a decade!

transform your lifestyle newborn photography Business


This coaching program is for you if you: 

✔ Are overwhelmed by the challenges of photographing newborns in their home. 
✔ Want a repeatable posing system.
✔ Are ready to learn and expand your skills.
✔ Want your imagery and brand to attract luxury, newborn clients.

This program is NOT the best fit for you right now if you:

✘ Aren’t open to make changes in your creative process.
✘ Currently love how your newborn galleries turn out.
✘ Are already consistently attracting your dream, luxury newborn clients.

Light & Luxury is for you if you want to truly elevate your lifestyle newborn photos from “ok” to “magazine worthy”.

It’s not a mini-course that’s gonna tell you to post in Facebook groups.

It’s a holistic approach boiled down to the must-know information to help you up your game as true, luxury photographer.

If you’re ready to create dreamy newborn sessions and a luxury brand that attracts your dream clients … then this is the answer you’ve been searching the internet for.

You know you’re meant for more, and this is your opportunity to prove it to yourself.